This domain has been on the web since around 2002 and has seen a fair amount of users and use cases. It has been used as a personal website with more or less useful things, has hosted websites for gaming communities (e.g. "Thors Trollwächter" and the "Nordallianz" for the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot, had a list of very useful Nokia ringtones that one had to manually put into the phone by typing. At one point it became the central landing page for a network of different sites, including a mail hosting solution where you could get a cool linux-related e-mail address. It hosted software for SETI@Home, a project searching for extraterrestial life in space.

The projects came and go, died and were reborn, were transformed and changed and died again. And then over time, I lost interest in that hobby as the early days of Internet enthusiasm faded and everyone started hosting websites. Eventually, I gave the domain up.

Many years later this domain found its way back to its original creator after being on a sale for a long time it is back home again.

If you have any questions or if you were once of the users of one of the many projects here, please contact